How To Become A Member

Membership Information

BC member means these entity, government, organisation or person who is admitted to the membership of the BC pursuant to the membership requirements but are not Affiliated Initiatives.

1 Who Can Be a Member:

Members are required to heed the standards and guidelines generated and approved by the BC from time to time.

Consortium Members should possess at least Master level expertise in biostatistics/ statistics/ epidemiology/ public health/ community medicine, information technology or, administration of scientific projects. Where appropriate, Consortium Members should actively support to the BC in their own capacity and assist in creating the systems required. Where appropriate, Consortium Members, who are not individuals, must nominate an individual as their representative pursuant to guidelines approved by the Management Committee of the BC.

2 How To Apply:

The professionals willing to join as member has to fill Membership Application form (Download). Payment of fee may be needed after the applicant selected as member. Application for admission as a Consortium Member is to be made pursuant to the application process approved by the Management Committee.

Admission to membership as a Consortium Member is at the judgment of the Management Committee of the BC.

3 Benefits Of Membership:

BC members will gain new perspectives and timely insights from prominent biostatisticians, epidemiologists, public health professionals, and leading analysts. Professional development is the main goal of the membership. BC members can take advantage of career development, conferences/workshop, mentor programs and job listings designed for career advancement. Besides, other advantages are networking opportunity, education, discounts for services, and voting rights. They will substantially gain knowledge and skills by working on actual projects with BC experts.

3 Cessation of Membership:

A member ceases to be a Consortium Member if:
  • The member notifies the BC that they wish to withdraw their membership.
  • The member (being a natural person) dies.
  • The member ceases to exist or ceases operation. or
  • The member (being a corporation or government) has a receiver or receiver and manager appointed or take any action having the effect of winding up the Consortium Member.